Purpose and Core Values

Life at TKHG is simplified through our adherence to our purpose and core values system.
We define these following.
Our Purpose

To positively impact lives and transform the communities in which we operate. This purpose unites professionals by working collaboratively across a broad range of disciplines.

Our core values

We recognize that our business success is founded upon a commitment to certain principles. These are described as following:

Nurturing and valuing our talented team

The expertise, passion and thought leadership of our talented people around the world make our success possible. We respect and encourage our people’s ideas, diversity and cultures.

Satisfaction of our clients

We are committed to our clients and to setting industry standards for service and delivery. We take ownership for solving our client's development matters through our holistic approach to problem solving and our interest in embracing new opportunities.

Dedicated to excellence

We believe in delivering unequivocal excellence in everything that we do.

Nurturing our integrity

We must always maintain our commitment to acting ethically and with integrity.

Ensuring safety to clients

We are a company that puts safety first. We are all accountable for keeping ourselves and our colleagues’ safe, and for delivering work safely to our clients.

Commitment to innovation

We differentiate our company by challenging ourselves to look for new and better ways to deliver our expertise through innovative solutions that enable each client to realize its vision.


Our commitment to safety is demonstrated in our “safety in practice (SIP)” program. These objectives provide the framework in our quest to achieve an injury free working environment and a zero loss due to property damage systems. These objectives as discussed below:

Demonstrated Management Commitment

Senior managers and project managers will lead the SIP improvement process and continuously demonstrate support and commitment.

Exemplary Management Support

The board of management and project managers lead by example in the SIP program. This is a process of systemic improvement and we encourage staff members to raise matters of concern.

Staff Involvement

Team members are encouraged to add input and are regular partners in training, audits, inspections and healthy lifestyle initiatives.

Project Planning

Design, engineering, project and construction management team members will deploy effective risk mitigation efforts to design, plan and build safety into every project.

Contractor Management

Project staff will work closely with our consultants, sub-contractors, contractors and JV Partners to provide a safe work environment for employees and members of the public. Our goal of SIP performance excellence will be equally shared by all project participants

Incident Investigation

Managers and safety professionals will investigate all recordable incidents and serious near misses to identify contributing factors and root causes in order to prevent a reoccurrence. Lessons learned shall be identified, communicated and implemented.

Employee Fitness and Health

Employees are responsible to report to work each day fit for duty and not to pose a health and safety hazard to themselves or others. Employees who are not in a suitable state to carry out their duties are encouraged to recuperate outside of the workplace to mitigate any potential for workplace accidents.