Sustainablility & Corporate Responsibility

Our Approach

In creating sustainable developments and communities, it is critical for designers to acknowledge the dynamics of the site physically, socially and economically. Success in these areas requires a sound grasp of these critical factors and this we deliver through:

• A clear development framework
• A sensitive response to the local context
• Making informed judgments of what is feasible economically, socially and properly accounting for local market conditions
• An imaginative and practical design approach by those who design the development and the people who manage the planning process

We promote sustainable development as a tool to empower communities and as a group, we engage these communities through our offering of free services, charitable donations and grants. Because our group offers a variety of services within the life cycle of a property, we are extremely well equipped to conceptualize and execute sustainable policies and solutions. More efficiently designed and managed properties result as we factor in the entire life cycle of the property at the conceptual stage. This is our added advantage over other firms who are not actively involved in the management and end user stages of projects. This approach is also extrapolated to the city scale in our urban design projects.

Our firm addresses the ideals of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER). Through this initiative, we aim to make a serious contribution to providing a better future to the communities we interact with around the world. Sustainable design and resource planning is an important aspect of this approach and simply entails building with minimal environmental impact; in other words creating built environments with positive, reparative and productive consequences for the natural environment while at the same time integrating the built structure with all aspects of the physical, social and economic systems. Team leaders are trained in these principles and we carry out public awareness exercises in the communities which we we operate.