Kevin Harrison Architects

Satisfaction in Architecture

Kevin Harrison Architects (KHA)is the primary design consultancy in the Kevin Harrison Group. The entity has developed several luxury housing and mixed use development projects (USD$100-400 million) in the Caribbean, Africa and the UK. In Barbados, we have been instrumental in developing designs for over a dozen multi-million luxury villas on the prestigious Sandy Lane Estate in Barbados.
Our team is a well purposed mixture of architects and urban designers who are conceptual and technical problem solvers. At KHA we balance all facets of function, form and design to give our clients a product specifically catered to their needs.
Under separate established entities, within our group, our team has also successfully delivered “design and build” and construction projects, in addition to landscape design and contracting assignments.
Our Corporate social responsibility objectives are important to our existence and our design ethos has sustainability at its core. We see green architecture as good architecture and our design process is based on energy efficient systems, appropriate material selection with the aim of maximizing the benefits of local environmental conditions and long-term building performance.